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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Galvano- und Oberflächentechnik e. V.

Postfach 10 10 63

D-40710 Hilden

Max-Volmer-Str. 1

D-40724 Hilden

Telephone:  +49 2103 2556-40/50
Telefax:         + 49 2103 2556-56
E-Mail:          info@ionmet.org
Internet:        www.ionmet.org 

Board Members with representative powers:

Patricia Preikschat  (Chair)

Dr. Uwe König (1st Vice-Chair)

Prof. Dr. Andres Möbius  (2nd Vice-Chair) 

Court where registered: Amtsgericht (Local Court) Langenfeld
Number in Register: VR 777 Amtsgericht Langenfeld
Tax Number: 135/5796/1097
Person responsible for content under section 10 MDStV: Dr. Uwe König

Exclusion of liability:
The content of our individual websites has been compiled with the greatest care and in accordance with our best knowledge. Nonetheless neither the responsible persons named above nor the respective authors accept any liability for the completeness or accuracy of the details given in the text and files, provided such details do not constitute wilful or grossly negligent false information.
It is expressly indicated that, notwithstanding the claim to be up to date, it may occur that some details are not the latest available. We would be grateful for all notifications at any time in this respect.
It is also pointed out that the provision of the information may not be given as a reason to claim a consultancy relationship.
In a judgement dated 12 May 1998 the Regional Court (Landgericht) of Hamburg decided that the publication of a link may under certain circumstances also involve a joint responsibility for the subject matter on the site thus linked. Such responsibility can only be avoided if a statement is given expressly dissociating oneself from the subject matter of such sites. For all links which lead from our site to another site, we hereby declare that we have no influence whatsoever over such subject matter. We hereby dissociate ourselves expressly from all subject matter on any sites to which a link is provided on our Internet site and refrain from making such subject matter our own.
The reproduction of trade marks, trade names and use names etc. on this Internet site shall not confer entitlement to assume that such names are to be deemed to be free in the meaning of trade mark and brand protection legislation and that they may therefore be used by anyone, even if this is not specifically indicated.

The copyright for subject matter published by us or compiled by us shall be held exclusively by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Galvano- und Oberflächentechnik e. V.

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