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Aims of IONMET:

The overall S&T objective of the project is the introduction of a breakthrough technology with the potential to transform the scope and competitiveness of industrial metal finishing processes. The new technology will introduce a novel generic group of Ionic Liquid solvents which will provide the tools to significantly transform the innovative capability of the huge number of traditional manufacturing SMEs involved directly in the surface finishing and printed circuit board manufacturing industry sectors in particular.

The radical new generic technology will enable the introduction of a large number of totally new products and processes, which cannot be produced using existing technology. Current techniques for metal electroplating and other metal finishing processes use water- based electrolyte solutions and have been established for a very long time, with only relatively minor modifications and improvements. Existing technology limits the range and quality of possible coatings and other products available. Also, SMEs are forced to use solutions containing toxic and corrosive chemicals.

With the aim of promoting innovation, the project will integrate the following general activities:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Demonstration
  • Dissemination
  • Knowledge management
  • Socio-economic aspects
  • Training

Register with IONMET now to build your capacity and capability for greater involvement in research of Ionic Liquids. Enhance your medium and long-term competitiveness through increasing knowledge of high-tech methods and how to take advantage of them.

IONMET also welcomes the cooperation with other interested parties, like universities, research centres and larger companies interested in developing collaborative research in this field.